Saturday, January 22, 2011

Book Reveiw Of: Life As We Knew It By: Susan Beth Pfeffer

This book is about (this is the books blurb):

When a meteor hits the moon and knocks it closer in orbit
to the earth, nothing will ever be the same.
World Wide Tidal Waves.
Volcanic Eruptions.
And that's just the beginning.

My Reveiw:

This is a great book and when I started it I couldn't put it down.
If you enjoy bad weather and the world ending you will looooove this book.
It is also very scary. Here is a review from

"One of the year's best books. You will read it in one sitting,
fighting back tears as you bite your nails."

There is also a second one in the awesome series:

The Dead & The Gone

And a Third one:

The World We Live In


  1. Ellis,

    This book looks very interesting. I hadn't heard of it before. Do you think we should buy a copy for the classroom?

    Your teacher,

  2. That would be a good idea.
    I think a lot of people would like it.