Thursday, December 30, 2010

Book Review Of The Last Olympian By Rick Riordan

The Last Olympian is about a boy named Percy Jackson trying to save Mt. Olympus. On his way he faces new challenges including a Mintour, and Kronos himself. I think you'll find this book very interesting. So go to your local bookstore and enjoy this dramatic greek myth book.
This book review is by Caroline Keir (my friend)  

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

More About My Purple Belt

 This is a picture of the
boards I broke while I got my
purple belt. And a picture of
my purple belt that looks
like a blue belt.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Purple Belt

Tonight 12/14/10 I am getting my purple belt in my Tae Kwon Do class.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Essay About Littering and Global Warming- By Ellis


       Many people around the world are littering and

Polluting. They are turning what was once a beautiful

Culture into an ugly place. My ideas on Littering are

Changing. I used to think that littering was just bad,

But now I Am realizing it could cause very hurtful

Things to happen like Global Warming and Climate


One example that shows people think littering is bad

Is this quote by a quote by a Girl named Adeline, age

 12: “Earth is getting tired and older of having all of

Us. If we love our Earth, Earth will love us, but if we

Don’t take care of our Earth we will destroy it”

       This example shows that kids around the world

also care about saving the earth.

       Another example that kids don’t like littering is

 This survey of our Class: 8 out of 26 kids have not

Littered. 24 out of 26 kids think littering is horrible. 6

 out of 26 kids have littered. 1 out of 26 kids think

littering is not Horrible.

       This example shows that kids do really hate and

 dread littering and what it does.

       One reason littering is bad and recycling is good

Is explained in this article:

According to National Geographic “ Recycling one

 water bottle can save up to six hours of light” Isn’t

that alarming! If everyone in our class (26 kids)

 recycled one water bottle we could save up to 156

hours of light (26x6=156). This example shows that if

we stop littering it will help people in many different


       Another reason kids think littering is bad is this

line from an interview of my friend Julian Matthews,

age 9: “ I can’t believe a person would just throw

their garbage on the ground” He said.
       This example shows that if enough kids and

adults complain to companies and factories they will

 stop polluting the earth, air, and water.

       One reason littering and pollution is bad is that it

causes global warming. The sun is heating up the

earth because of gases (pollution), Global Warming,

and littering. And in Antarctica the ice is melting and

the Polar Bears and many other animals will die!!!

       This example shows that Global Warming doesn’t

happen to only humans but ANIMALS TOO!!!

       Another example that kids think littering,

 pollution, and global warming is horrible, bad and

frightening are these quotes: “We will be the ones

To protect the earth and solve the problems of war,

 hunger, and disaster.”- Aika Tusubota, age 12,

Japan. Another kid that thinks littering, pollution,

And global warming is horrible and bad is Sam Levin,

age 15, USA: “ We will be the generation the reunites

 mankind with the Earth” Sam said. Even first graders

 care about the earth: “You can make a difference in

the world but only if you really want to”- Ryan

Hrenljac, age 7, Canada.

       This example shows that kids really care about

the earth and it does no matter which country they

live in or how old they are; kids care!

       Another reason that littering, pollution, and

 global warming is bad was when Brooklyn, NY had a

Tornado. “BOOM FLASH BOOM FLASH!!” The thunder

 boomed and the lightning flashed. I was in my Tae

 Kwon Do class and we were having a severe storm.

 The sky turned a dark shade of green. I was getting

 more terrified by the second. Fear was creeping over

 my body. Soon a woman came in the Do Jo and she

 looked like she had just jumped in a pool. Water was

 dripping down her and her purple sweater had turned

 dark purple. We were also having leaks, which made

 me even more nervous and terrified than I was

before. After the class my mom said we had had a

tornado. We drove up the street and trees and

branches and smashed cars were everywhere, even

my mom’s windshield was cracked.

       This example shows that if we really don’t shape

 up and stop littering and polluting natural disasters

will happen at weird times.

       As you can see littering and polluting is very

horrible for the Earth.

       As Jack Johnson said in his song The 3 R’s “We’ve

got to learn to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” I hope you

 listened carefully and I hope you will take

Action and always remember KIDS CAN SAVE THE


Wednesday, December 1, 2010



The Thing About Georgie By Lisa Graff

This book is called The Thing about Georgie and it is truly the best book ever written. I myself have read it 3 times and every time I simply enjoyed it. This book is about a dwarf and he is having a lot of problems with his life. Me and my class have a theory about it: Georgie thinks he's an outsider and doesn't fit in. If any of you read this book I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.