Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Starting of a Story (based on the warriors series by Erin Hunter)


            There once was a cat named Rainshaddow he was in the ThunderClan and was a couple moons old his mother was named Leapardpool and his sister was named Spottedshaddow .
            They lived in the forest of the twolegs so it was a little dangerous at the time the other clans that were the StarClan the ShaddowClan  the RiverClan and the WindClan. All the warriors of the clan were worried of the ShaddowClan cause they were always planing secret attacks on them.
            Their leader at the time was Bluestar. Bluestar was a great warrior and she had blue fur and silver streaks in her fur and she also had silver eyes and looked like a real warrior. Her apprentice used to be Firestar, and Firestar was really lucky because most cats don't get to be trained by  leaders of ThunderClan.
            Rainshaddow was sitting in his den with his friend Tigerpelt thinking of fresh-kill, he was so hungry and had never caught a mouse before ,not even once, he never even tasted one and ever since he was born he was thinking of trying one.
            "Lets try and ketch a mouse" suggested Rainshaddow.
            "Alright lets do that I've always wanted to taste a mouse I haven't even tasted it once" Meowed Tigerpelt.
            "Same here"said Rainshaddow.
            "Alright then lets do it!!!" shouted Tigerpelt
They traveled into the forest going to the snake rocks where a lot of mice and snakes were. They crouched down on the dirt sniffing the air for the scent of mice. Rainshaddows ears pricked up and smelled the mouse he searched the surface of the ground there it was gray plump… delicious. He sprang on it instantly filling it with his claws that’s what his mentor Graystripe taught him.
            Tigerpelt felt jealous and quickly caught one his self. Rainshaddow lapped up the tender juicy mouse it was delicious.
            “I’m glad I am going to live the next many moons eating that and I also am wondering what a rabbit tastes like” whispered Tigerpelt. He saw a big white furry thing running through the bushes and scrubs in the forest. Today is my lucky day! 


  1. Ellis,

    The start to your story is beautiful. I learned quite a bit about Rainshadow that I did not know before! I can't wait to read the next installment.

    Keep writing!