Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Another starting of a story called Jonah Gorgon

            One day there was a boy named Jonah Gordon and he was a very conscientious boy and was so meticulous about just anything like for example if he touches a broom he always washes his and to do that and he will wash his hands to touch basically anything like a banana a piece of wood and even silly things like his own head or his parents or even anything in his crowded room on the 2nd floor of their big house that was in Philadelphia and went to school every day at his school called Friends Central and was in particularly a good school in his town.
            Jonah was twelve years old and knew how to tie his shoes and fix up his own tie and make his own bed. (Obviously) Jonah was befriended of a boy named Max Jordan and they had very similar last names. Gordon and Jordan…very similar. And now our story begins.
            It was a stormy evening, Jonah Gordon was in his crowded bedroom reading a book called Midnight For Charlie Bone and was just absorbed in the text that he hardly even noticed that the were having a mini hurricane. Thunder clapped and lightning flashed and he quickly glanced out the window trying not to be distracted and what he saw definitely made him distracted. A tree ripped out of the ground the roots were sticking out in all directions and he was so terrified and astonished.
            He ran downstairs and he dashed into the dining room and before he touched anything he put a little squirt of hand sanitizer and scrubbed his hands.
Then he screamed at what he saw. His parents were laying on the floor their bodies in orange and red and blue flames and everything was blown everywhere. Then he saw it swirling toward him it was a funnel cloud gray trucks flying around it parts of buildings were also on it.

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