Monday, May 21, 2012

Book Review: The Hurculeah Jones Mystery Series

Hello, Here is a book review for the best mystery series in the world: The Hurculeah Jones Mysteries!

The Books:

This series is really great because all the mysteries are so suspenseful, interesting, and intriguing, and as you get to know the characters it helps you understand more about the mystery.


Hercueah is a curious, normal, dramatic teenager who wants everything to happen all at once.

Meat is Herculeah's friend who doesn't fully support her love of sleuthing and is quite lazy.

Tarot is Herculeah's parot that says "Beware!" and "Oh, Mom!"

Herculeah's parents are police detectives and private eyes.

Meat's mom is making him eat weird stuff from a can.

I hope you read this series because it is amazing, and I suggest you read Dead Letter first because it is the best!

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