Saturday, November 20, 2010

Art About Icarus By Patricia Arnillas and Ana De Orbegoso

These are 2 paintings that my mom Patricia did and her friend Ana De Orbegoso. One is oil on canvas and the other one is photography. The theme of these paintings is Icarus and The Falling Angle. It is high contrast. These are awesome paintings and photographs! Go to there art exhibit at 117 2nd street corner of bond, Brooklyn,NY 11231 To see more paintings. From November 18 to December 13.


  1. The work on the left is an oil on canvas by me (Patricia) and the one on the right is a photograph, which is part of a tryptic by the photographer Ana de Orbegoso. Both pieces are part of an exhibit called Icarus and the Myth of the Falllen Angel.

  2. The Art Show was full of powerful meaning, the pieces have a lot of movement and message. They bring out some hope and positive feelings on you, not only because the story behind but because of the technique used by these artists. The strokes used by Patricia are strong and charge with emotion, the prints by Ana are visually soothing to the eyes. I highly recommend the show.
    Roque Loret-de-Mola