Friday, October 29, 2010

A banana vampire

There is a butterfly called a Banana Vampire because it sucks juice out of bananas. Its funny

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Another starting of a story called Jonah Gorgon

            One day there was a boy named Jonah Gordon and he was a very conscientious boy and was so meticulous about just anything like for example if he touches a broom he always washes his and to do that and he will wash his hands to touch basically anything like a banana a piece of wood and even silly things like his own head or his parents or even anything in his crowded room on the 2nd floor of their big house that was in Philadelphia and went to school every day at his school called Friends Central and was in particularly a good school in his town.
            Jonah was twelve years old and knew how to tie his shoes and fix up his own tie and make his own bed. (Obviously) Jonah was befriended of a boy named Max Jordan and they had very similar last names. Gordon and Jordan…very similar. And now our story begins.
            It was a stormy evening, Jonah Gordon was in his crowded bedroom reading a book called Midnight For Charlie Bone and was just absorbed in the text that he hardly even noticed that the were having a mini hurricane. Thunder clapped and lightning flashed and he quickly glanced out the window trying not to be distracted and what he saw definitely made him distracted. A tree ripped out of the ground the roots were sticking out in all directions and he was so terrified and astonished.
            He ran downstairs and he dashed into the dining room and before he touched anything he put a little squirt of hand sanitizer and scrubbed his hands.
Then he screamed at what he saw. His parents were laying on the floor their bodies in orange and red and blue flames and everything was blown everywhere. Then he saw it swirling toward him it was a funnel cloud gray trucks flying around it parts of buildings were also on it.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Iroquois Skits

In school we are making skits
about stuff we learned about
the Iroquois and practicing them
and really planning them out. Mine
is about the Iroquois Confederacy
and Longhouses.

Monday, October 25, 2010

My real Halloween costume

I am actually going to be THE PRINCE OF BANANA VAMPIRES for halloween!!!!\

Saturday, October 23, 2010


This is a new book and I am really exited to read it. The first one is called Spaceheadz#1 this one is called Spaceheadz#2. I think it will be really good.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Starting of a Story (based on the warriors series by Erin Hunter)


            There once was a cat named Rainshaddow he was in the ThunderClan and was a couple moons old his mother was named Leapardpool and his sister was named Spottedshaddow .
            They lived in the forest of the twolegs so it was a little dangerous at the time the other clans that were the StarClan the ShaddowClan  the RiverClan and the WindClan. All the warriors of the clan were worried of the ShaddowClan cause they were always planing secret attacks on them.
            Their leader at the time was Bluestar. Bluestar was a great warrior and she had blue fur and silver streaks in her fur and she also had silver eyes and looked like a real warrior. Her apprentice used to be Firestar, and Firestar was really lucky because most cats don't get to be trained by  leaders of ThunderClan.
            Rainshaddow was sitting in his den with his friend Tigerpelt thinking of fresh-kill, he was so hungry and had never caught a mouse before ,not even once, he never even tasted one and ever since he was born he was thinking of trying one.
            "Lets try and ketch a mouse" suggested Rainshaddow.
            "Alright lets do that I've always wanted to taste a mouse I haven't even tasted it once" Meowed Tigerpelt.
            "Same here"said Rainshaddow.
            "Alright then lets do it!!!" shouted Tigerpelt
They traveled into the forest going to the snake rocks where a lot of mice and snakes were. They crouched down on the dirt sniffing the air for the scent of mice. Rainshaddows ears pricked up and smelled the mouse he searched the surface of the ground there it was gray plump… delicious. He sprang on it instantly filling it with his claws that’s what his mentor Graystripe taught him.
            Tigerpelt felt jealous and quickly caught one his self. Rainshaddow lapped up the tender juicy mouse it was delicious.
            “I’m glad I am going to live the next many moons eating that and I also am wondering what a rabbit tastes like” whispered Tigerpelt. He saw a big white furry thing running through the bushes and scrubs in the forest. Today is my lucky day! 

Monday, October 18, 2010

Picture That is Weird

This is a weird picture that my brother made on his iPad. It is very weird!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fourth Grade Explorers: Andy Warhol and iPhoto

Fourth Grade Explorers: Andy Warhol and iPhoto: "Our Andy Warhol-inspired self-portraits are complete! The self-portraits were made using iPhoto editing tools. Interested in creating your o..."

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Book Review

I think people should read this book cause if you like the greek gods and reading about them then you would love to read this book by Rick Riordan. You should also read a really super duper good series called Percy Jackson and the Olympians also by Mr. Riordan.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Thursday, October 14, 2010

My sword

This is me holding my sword
that I made and I am really
proud of it. At first I bought
it plain wooden from a medieval
fair in PA and then I painted it
and added stuff on to it. This is
going to be my Halloween costume,
I am going to be Prince Caspian from
the chronicles of Narnia books.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Moms

                                                          These are my moms Patricia and Lauren

Picture of Tadadoho leader of a clan of Irioquis

This is the evil clan leader and people believed that he has curling twisted snakes in his hair and that represented how crazy and weird he was to everyone. One day a Peace maker came to the nations and they were at war and he told them to stop the war so he teamed up with a leader named Hiawatha and they wanted to make peace for the nations. And Hiawatha's children and wife got killed by Tadadoho and he was really upset about that so he really wanted peace in the Nations. They finally convinced Tadadoho to make peace by making his clan the capital of the nation. And they all made peace.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fred story

Once upon a time there was a boy named Fred and he lived in a trailer in the parking lot of the museum of natural history and he was hiding with his trailer in the middle of the parking lot where "nobody" could see him. He worked at a deli on 5th avenue but only got paid five dollars an hour. He only got food by sneaking a granola bar or candy in his pocket. I want you to think if this happened to you what would you feel (poor, sick, lonley, ashamed      Once upon a time there was a boy named Fred and he lived in a trailer in the parking lot of the museum of natural history and he was hiding with his trailer in the middle of the parking lot where "nobody" could see him. He worked at a deli on 5th avenue but only got paid five dollars an hour. He only got food by sneaking a granola bar or candy in his pocket. I want you to think if this happened to you what would you feel (poor, sick, lonely, ashamed. I know it sounds horrible but luckily you are in a nice house or office (etc.) with a nice computer reading this story. I will right more about Fred in other stories but not now.

Monday, October 11, 2010

This is me typing my story.

Story of The Clans

Story of the Clans

         Hi my name is Shadowpaw, I am an apprentice and I am training to be a warrior. I am going to tell you about the Krisna Clan and the other clans. The Krishna clan was a very important clan before all the other Clans. Their ruler was brave Krishnastar once known as Krishnapaw. The warrior cats of Krishna clan were fast as wind very talented at hunting and loved steak and tuna but only got it when the bravest cats ( hopefully me someday!!! ) went to the two-leg houses and stole it. So when they didn’t have it they had plenty of mice and fish to eat. All the clans lived in the forest so the Krishna clan only got a section of it, the other clans that lived in the forest were The Dragon Clan they could jump as high as dragons could fly so they could look over at the other clans and make secret attacks they could also make steam out of their ears which was really weird to me. Their leader was Dragonstar. There was the Fire Clan who was fire proof so they could surround their clan territory with fire and they could still go out. Their leader was Fireburst.
         There was the ocean clan who could swim and go fully under water and that was good for them so they could cross the deep stream going to F island where they had the most mice and lots of fish get washed up there and the F stands for FOOD. Their leader was Oceanheart but after he got killed by Krishnastar Dolphinpelt became leader.
         There was also the Snake Clan they could slither and sneak up on the cats and attack and they could eat whole mice in one whole gulp. Their leader was Snake Heart but he got killed by the Dragon Clan so now there leader is Slithershaddow. Slithershaddow used to be a kittypet and then became the bravest of the Snake Clan. Each clan had ther own symbol in a face of a cat the symbols are sacred.
         Alright hears the story about Krishna’s big fight everybody knows about it because it was very important and happened along time ago.


         Krishnastar dashed through the rough trees of the forest with her armor and sword clanging against her body slowing her down. Oceanheart the leader of the ocean clan was chasing her into the forest. Suddenly they came into a clearing, on one side was a giant wall of fire on the other side was Ocean heart. What do I do thought Krishnastar. But Krishnastar was always smart, she leaped on to ocean hear and drove her sword into Oceanheart’s back. He yowled in pain and started thrashing around. He slowed down and died. Krishnastar didn’t even care he was an enemy, she ran back to the camp and rested she didn’t tell anybody but everyone knew. That was the end of Oceanheart but the new leader after him was DolphinPelt.
         That was just one of the very bad fights that the clans had, but this one was very important because this was the fall of a very good leader of the Ocean Clan. When they found Dolphinpelt he was in the very end of the forest but many moons later he became very brave and healthy but became more evil than Oceanheart so every on tied to stay away from him and tried to avoid fighting with him. The only one who really loved him was little medicine she-cat Bluestar who was only eleven moons old and people predicted that she would move to a different clan and become leader of that clan.